Renuka Madan

Interior Designer

About Renuka

A simple smiling face with a problem solving approach and an attitude ”yes we can” Renuka Sohal Madan is a fellow architect graduate and has a rich experience of working with top architectural consultants and real estate companies in NCR before joining rsQr. She comes with a versatile experience of design and build, corporate interiors and multi- storey housing projects and ultra luxury interiors at Magnolias with Dlf Ltd. She has an eye for detail and aesthetics and believes in creating spaces that inspire the user, making the experience pleasant, her process of research ensures she and her team is in users’ shoes while designing the spaces, the touch and feel, the visual delight and comfort-physical and visual are key ingredients of the process. The spaces however insignificant are designed to surprise the users in most pleasant way. She believes, in the longer run one would forget the problems and the process of incubation but it’s the final experience that comprehends in the user’s mind and this is what stays so that is what one must aim for.
Personally, she is perfectionist in approach and her endeavor for excellence keeps her working like swan-keeping calm at the surface and paddling hard underneath. She is a very warm person with transparent eyes you can approach easily and believes in adding smiles to each life she touches.