What We Do

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rsQr Architects offer potential architectural consultancy services with or without interior design to deliver truly integrated services that include feasibilities, code analysis and compliance, construction documentation and plan check/ permit submissions for projects ranging from residences, institutes, corporate office buildings, multi-storey housing, guests houses etc. At rsQr we are a dedicated team of qualified architects who understand “ God lies in Detail” , and we acknowledge the value of research based process for all design solutions, leaving no stone unturned for unpleasant surprises at any stage, while everything pleasant around is just designed.

Interior Design

rsQr believes in creating spaces that inspire the user, making the experience pleasant and the function it’s designed for seems to be happening as a part of the pleasure of using that space. Work spaces, residences, restaurants, salons, gyms, retail stores and showrooms or a bank all are a different experience when designed through a research based approach. We employ everything possible to ensure the experience is well choreographed and rehearsed before we present it for our clients or end users. We look around for stories, textures, materials, sometimes complex but ensuring to simplify them to grace the requirement and purpose we are set to design at our desk level so that the final space created satisfies the functional demands and compliments the aesthetic elegance that we strive to achieve.

Turnkey Solutions

rsQr being a team of qualified architects and designers is a group which aims for excellence and does not believe in compromising rather we work on the principals of value engineering, ensuring we attain best results within given targets of time, space aesthetics and finance. It is an endeavor by rsQr to take a step ahead from architectural and interior design consultancy to provide one step solution for contractual works. We take up design and build jobs and fabricate them as our own within the available constraints and challenges .We have a history of delivering unbelievably beautiful spaces within the committed time and cost of the project with our architects and interior designers added to the value engineering employed to ensure best results.

What we do

The old method of delivering a corporate interior used to go like this: The designer would develop a brief with the client and then conceive a plan. The designer would have the client appoint a project manager, who would then appoint engineers and call for tenders to build the office. Once construction had commenced there would be numerous site meetings involving the client, designer, project manager, engineers, builder and subcontractors. The client would end up paying both monetarily and in time for this massive toll of communication, further should there be a variation to the scope of works then the client would be paying fees on fees, as all parties would expect a share of the variation. At rsQr Architects, we approach this process the other way around. We consider the job and then design it; we manage the construction process and employ the contractors. We act as the designers, project managers and builders. You will spend less time instructing, spend less money building and end up with a result that is in line with your expectations. We institute a simple strategy for each project: 1. Brief development 2. Preliminary schematic design 3. Preliminary product and finishes selection 4. Preliminary budget estimations 5. Final drawing 6. Coordination with consultants, Vendors & Sub Contractors 7. Preliminary works schedule 8. Tendering 9. Accurate costing 10. Works schedule 11. Final costs and drawings to client for approval 12. Permits and applications 13. Project management 14. Contract administration 15. Preparation of as built documentation 16. Provision of operation and maintenance manuals 17 Relocation of client to new location

We Offer

rsQr architects subscribe to the following ethos to ensure the satisfactory delivery of service to clients: • the design will be relevant to the functional requirements, while providing a style that will authentically reflect the client’s corporate image • the construction process will be safe and time efficient • budgets will be met • materials and products recommended will be suitable for the application • deadlines will be met • the process from initial brief to final completion will be enjoyable for all concerned • the understanding between client and designer is based on respect for the client’s requirements • the resultant workplace will be safe and functional and will meet the environmental needs of the end user. The services offered involve: • brief development • preliminary design • design development • budget and estimating • coordination of engineering services, i.e.: • air conditioning • communications • electrical • fire protection • lighting • plumbing • coordination with statutory bodies and lodgement of permits • preparation of finishes schedules • detailed drawings and specifications • project and construction management • purchase of furniture. Referral is critical to the success of our business and we do not shy away from requesting one at the end the project.